[REVIEW] G-Dragon - Heartbreaker [ALBUM] [ENG]

Everything started with this album…

It's my first-bought and by far most favorite album. For a long time I was bringing it with me - from home to my university, to the city, back and forth. Moreover, I was cleaning the cover everyday - it's a miracle G-Dragon didn't disappear from the picture from all the aggressive cleaning! There's a lot to write about it… So gather round, take a seat at the fire and listen to my story . You will learn how it came to be that I started to like and buy G-Dragon music and merch rather than from Madonna / Justin Bieber or Super Junior.

TITLE: Heartbreaker
TYPE: CD album 
ARTIST: G-Dragon 
EDITION: normal / repackage
PUBLICATION DATE: 2009 (repackage edition - 2011)
PHOTOBOOK: 24 pages
STORE: gift
PRICE: Amazon.com: $10,49 digital / $17,99 physical


To be honest, I have no idea what GD was thinking when he chose the Heartbreaker concept. We have lots of red color, blood and apples (?) as well as very, very feminine G-Dragon. I heard that Korean fans were shocked when he changed from this…

Ji Yong - happy boy-next-door vs Justin Bieber
To this…

Ji Yong - „manly” version of Lady Gaga
I have nothing against Lady Gaga, I even like her (hmmm, maybe I like GD, because he reminds me of her? I need to think about this some more and make sure there are no more feelings involved…) ANYWAY, don't you think this transformation is DEFINITELY too much? It's like a change of seasons from summer to winter in one day!

In spite of all, the repackage edition looks better than the first version. That one was really creepy. 

Heartbreaker - the first press version (you can buy it second hand)

My first "meeting" with G-Dragon was quite… cold. Back in the day, he performed in some music program with his song A Boy and I totally didn't like him nor his song. GD's concept seemed way too chaotic. Unfortunately for him, he wore a skirt and a weird hairstyle. 

Thanks to this little trauma G-Dragon has never been in the list of "future husbands" and to this day he is treated as a "rare species" by me. 

OMG, I think my trauma is back…
G-Dragon and the song A Boy

Still, I like this album not only because of a sentiment. It's exceptionally well made and you can easily see all the time and money dedicated to it (we have 3 full music videos and 2 concert versions of them with different concepts in it). It all shows the new and shocking images of GD.

The effort that they put in this album paid off. Heartbreaker  became one of the best selling k-pop albums in 2009, in spite of all scandals that accompanied its promotion (alleged plagiarism). Thanks to this album, GD became super famous as a solo artist and started to earn really big money (he also became awfully arrogant). In addition, this first solo success gave him green light from the YG agency to produce new solo albums.

I don't doubt G-Dragon loves Big Bang, but I bet almost everyone sees he is very involved in his solo career. I would say, even more year by year. It's kind of like a Phil Collins / Genesis kind of thing, for all those who remember.. I am getting old..

But coming back to Heartbreaker… 

On the song list we have 10 full songs:

소년이여 (A Boy)

The song about GD suffering from the time he was a trainee; it's also about dreams, loneliness, longing for childhood, about tears and hope that from now on things will be better, because… It's too late to move back / I want to go further.

It can be seen as the most mature, personal, honest and modest of GD's song. It's the bittersweet summary of being in the YG agency for 10 years. One verse in particular is stuck in my memory - Don't forget about the old times, boy. 

I have the impression the present G-Dragon did that a long time ago - he forgot…

It's one of the most recognizable songs in the entire k-pop world, like Lies from Big Bang, Gee from SNSD, or Sorry Sorry from Super Junior. Fans made so many parodies of it, it's hard to count. 

It's very catchy and a fierce song. To me, it's also way too much autotune but we know very well that GD isn't an outstanding singer, although his voice on here is better than on the Coup d'Etat album.

Besides, it's his first solo song about unhappy love that entail more of such songs in the future.

I like it, but lately a wee bit less. It got old and its drama amuses me, rather than making me sad nowadays.

It's a happy and charming song, but only from the outside. It hides interesting lyrics and reveals the pervy nature of GD. 

I've never really liked Breathe, but I always enjoy this one jacket from the music video. 

Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung)

Aww, it's such a sweet song <3 You just can't pass over it. It's made in a different style than others and it's also slower than them. Thanks to this, it can really shine on the track list.

I have to say, this song surprised me but also made me happy. It doesn't suit to the rest of songs, but it gave the whole album an interesting note. 

With Butterfly it's like that - when you turn it on, you'll listen to it to the very end. 

It also has a beautiful music video that doesn't suit to GD, but who cares :D

Hello (feat. Dara z 2NE1)

Thanks to performances with the Hello song, the new hetero hetero-pairing Daragon (G-Dragon + Dara) was born. 

It's the next cute song without any serious message, but it's great to listen to. It presents itself even better live with a choreography. Recommended to watch.

Gossip Man (feat. Kim Gun Mo)

One the most interesting lyrics belong to this song. It doesn't talk about unhappy love and that's good. Sometimes I have enough of such songs.

Gossip Man is the one big pour of frustrations on all bored people who try to find sensations in GD's life (and in general in celebrities' lifes) - so it's for fans and journalists. G-Dragon describes how often he cries because of fake gossips of his life. But now he has this all stuck up his ass, it even started to amuse him. He defends all those way too curious people - they gossip about him because they're bored and if gossiping makes them happy then let them talk.

In the end, it's better they talk badly about him than do not talk at all, right?

PS, Gossip Man has MV in a concert version. You'll find it on GD's first concert DVD Shine a Light.

Korean Dream (feat. Taeyang)

Of course, an album of G-Dragon cannot be without his best friend, Taeyang. But his presence is legit because Korean Dream is a song about them, about their dream, the dream that came true. It's very motivating if you're searching for the goal of your life.

To all young people - the world is yours

Put your fucking hands up!

Well… it's not hard to guess why Korean Dream was banned in Korean programs?

The Leaders (feat. Teddy, CL)

One of my favorite songs - actually, I don't know why. Maybe it's beacuse of its swag that knocked me down? Judge for yourself.

She’s Gone (feat, KUSH)

The strong song and just like in the Butterfly case, completely unexpected. They both are totally different from the other songs.

She’s Gone is dark, emotional and full of tension. Despite of its age now, it's still thrilling to me, especially KUSH's voice, who sings oh, she’s gone, yeah in the chorus. Moreover, all of the concerts' performances with the song are just amazing!

It only has one disadvantage… you cannot soberly sing it in karaoke… It's just super hard to sing :D.

…and yes, this song also got banned…

PS, She’s Gone has MV in a concert version. You'll find it on GD's first concert DVD Shine a Light.

I've never really listened this song till the end. Even now I think it's a very weak accent on the end of the album (She’s Gone takes all the attention finally). It's just too dull. Besides, the music' pace should be slower, perhaps then it will suit the lyrics.


In the photobook we'll find many weird, way too bright and far too photoshopped pictures. They're also artistic and cold. 

In general, GD as a solo artist doesn't have a very warm image. After this album and photos we were able to see what direction his fashion style would continue to become.

I bet this design is the replacement of the 6-pack.
My favorite pic. GD blends into the background. Fantastic.
This is an interesting concept with the drip, I just doesn't get what's up with this apple.

Interesting fact. Look how weird the lyrics are written. They saved lots of space.


Heartbreaker is a great album, despite some small shortcomings, a not so perfect voice from the dragon and the weak final song. This is an obligatory album for any person who is beginning a journey in the k-pop world and doesn't know who rules there. Hint: It's the dragon.

This album is unique for other reasons as well. G-Dragon used it to revolutionize his image - both physical and musical. He teared himself away from his hip hop roots (not completely though) when nobody expected this from him. 

The thing that dominates this album is diversity and this is its biggest strength. We find many music genres like rock, ballad, rap, electro, dance in it. Perhaps because of it, Heartbreaker was so liked by people? Simply said, everyone found something for himself / herself in it. Just like in Forest Gump's pralines.

There is one pretty shocking thing to me though… G-Dragon is ashamed of this album now and he just wants to hide it somewhere, where nobody will ever find it. (It's also pretty ingenious that you can still buy the entire album online but who am I to judge the logic behind it). Anyway, very not nice, Mr G-Dragon, very not nice… You’re my heartbreaker~





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