The History Of G-Dragon's Tattoos

To be honest, only G-Dragon's fans have a problem with his tattoos (including me). The tattoos' owner has no problem whatsoever with them.

At the beginning of my fan-journey with GD, his tattoos didn't matter to me. He had some and that's all. I said to myself - I won't cross him out, because he added life-mottos on his body (like a prisoner). Well, let him have it, maybe it'll help him in something. 

[the year of lost innocence]


vita dolce [trans. sweet life]
moderato - musical term [trans. moderate pace]

[the year pre-solo albums]

too fast to live too young to die (allegedly)

Three modest, wise tattoos - can you talk badly about it? You may argue that he missed a "to" in his second motto-style tattoo, but whatever.

The struggle gets real in the years to come...

[the scandalous year]

the graphic of famous New York artist - Keith Haring; meaning - life and unity / consent (?)
8-stars dragonball from the anime series Dragon Ball Z 
[they say number 8 links with GD's birthday date (18.08.88) and the name of it (dragon) of course with his name]

Please notice, they're becoming more colorful than before. 

[the year, where we could admire the amazingly concaved chest of GD]

forever young

What's bigger - the ego or the tattoo?

mind control

[the year in which I lost touch with his tattoos]

♥, F, $ - Love, Fuck/Fame, Money
 crooked VIP crown
VIIIVIII VIII IVIII (88 8 18) - the date of his birthdays written in some kind of code - might be Roman but that's purely speculation

smiley face after the release of the Coup d'Etat album
After having made public all those tattoos, I can say it's not fancy, it's not even funny - it's dramatic and he needs a treatment for addiction. Even papa Yang is scared by what G-Dragon did to his body. In one of the interviews, GD admitted his boss telling him to stop doing more tattoos. But as you can see, it wasn't long before new art graced his body. The G-Dragon knows best…

[the year where I hoped he would stop it…]

TO and HER
Between TO and HER is GET, so we have TOGETHER. 

The tattoos on his thighs say INHALE and EXHALE. Important things to remember.

[the year in which we observed more stability and maturity]

Tybalt's gun from Romeo and Juliet (1990) after the release of MADE album's songs.

Tybalt's gun

During the MADE tour in the USA, G-Dragon and Taeyang went to famous tattoo artist Anil Gupta (he looks frightening to me). 

GD got himself a 6-pack angel with an exploding head. Because art.

The question is, how much pain can he stand and how much of his craziness can we bear.

The whole compilation of GD's tattoos right now.

There are many more of it, but I don't want to scare you all.

PS: I decided my future kid won't know about GD. Mommy listened only to Mozart and Bach when she was young. Sometimes Rammstein. :)

PSS: Out of boredom and for fun and giggles I decided to check out if you can get those tattoos as a temporary sticker and guess what - you can! 
Check this out: G-Dragon Tattoos To Buy 

Now we can all look like our favorite star on his concerts and every day life. Kind of like this:

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  1. I'm definitely sticking some dragonball to my forehead next time I visit a concert :)
    - José

    1. Hey José :) So cool you like it! Yeeee haha let's better stick the crown :D

    2. I may! In that case I'll take some photos!

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    1. Będzie w dwóch językach. Wkrótce dodam linki do artykułów pogrupowanych w zakładkach na górze, wtedy łatwiej będzie się tu poruszać ^^

      Link do PL versji: http://stylnadragonie.blogspot.com/2013/06/problem-z-tatuazami.html

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