What Are G-Dragon's Solo Songs About?

This guy has written over 100 songs for over a dozen years (not all of them on his own though) and he still has ideas for more to come. So what are his songs about?

G-Dragon's Solo Songs Are About :

about partying / drinking
about breaking up / unrequited love
about cheating on somebody
about the dreams / hardships of being a trainee or a k-pop idol
about the ideal woman
about love
about picking up girls
about his own swag and antifans
As you can see, the treacherous GD is a narcissistic, constantly drunk, sexually frustrated, sometimes happy, but more often sad - Miss Depression (because the next girlfriend just left him).

It's interesting what those ex-girlfriends think about when they hear their love stories, repeating all the time, not very happy ones, around 3-minutes long and worldwide. Interesting…


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