[RANKING] Niedocenione albumy i piosenki k-pop

Poza Bangami oczywiście zdarza mi się słuchać innych artystów z Korei Południowej. W ich twórczości często można odnaleźć piosenki, a nawet albumy, których się nie zapomina. Zauważyłam, że niestety wiele z nich jest mało znana i nie została doceniona przez szerszą publiczność.

#04 Look Of The Week - G-Dragon

Only for you guys, I search for similar-looking outfits of GD, Big Bang and YG Family members :)


[REVIEW] Mnet Asian Music Awards MAMA 2016

Tegoroczne rozdanie nagród muzycznych Mnet Asian Music Awards było bardzo poprawne - według mnie to słowo najtrafniej odzwierciedla tę galę.


5 Great Uses For Your Old Samsung Note 7

So you love G-Dragon and probably K-Pop. You think "Wow! These guys are cool and I want to learn Korean now and buy cool stuff from there because it's better and cute than what I have here."

Thus, you start with some cosmetics or merchandise. Later on you think that your iPhone is pretty much out of date and you should get something new, perhaps a Samsung phone. Perhaps even a Samsung Note 7.

Suddenly you hear all those media outlets talk about how the Note 7 explodes and how you should not use it anymore. "Damn!" you think, "only last week did my hoverboard explode and now this?!"
Well do not worry, we've got the 5 best uses for you old Note 7 right here for you.


[REVIEW] G-Dragon - Heartbreaker [ALBUM] [ENG]

Everything started with this album…

It's my first-bought and by far most favorite album. For a long time I was bringing it with me - from home to my university, to the city, back and forth. Moreover, I was cleaning the cover everyday - it's a miracle G-Dragon didn't disappear from the picture from all the aggressive cleaning! There's a lot to write about it… So gather round, take a seat at the fire and listen to my story . You will learn how it came to be that I started to like and buy G-Dragon music and merch rather than from Madonna / Justin Bieber or Super Junior.


The History Of G-Dragon's Tattoos

To be honest, only G-Dragon's fans have a problem with his tattoos (including me). The tattoos' owner has no problem whatsoever with them.


What Are G-Dragon's Solo Songs About?

This guy has written over 100 songs for over a dozen years (not all of them on his own though) and he still has ideas for more to come. So what are his songs about?